Thank you very much for participating in SIGNALS 2020!

We wish you to have the best possible virtual conference experience and, thus, have some recommendations for you…


  • Be sure your internect connection works well. No, no, it does not mean you need “miraculous” speed; however, a stable internet connection is very important.

  • Choose quiet place to join from. No distractions will allow you enjoy the conference fully and get the most out of it. Ask questionns, comment and participate in polls!

  • And… a cup of coffee or tea, a light snack will definitely contribute to enjoying the conference even more 🙂


We expect quite a few participants to join the conference today. Therefore, check some more suggestions below:

  • Login already at 8:00 in the morning, to check evertyhing runs smoothly. Do not wait till the conference starts and we reach a peak of connections.

  • If you have challenges with stream video or audio, please “Refresh” your browser, use different browser or, alternatively, switch to a different channel.

  • We generate two alternative channnels for streaming the conference today. Thus, please choose the one which gives you a better experience:

Channel 1:

URL: https://konferencijatiesiogiai.lt/signals/

USER: your e-mail, used at registration

PASSWORD: signals2020

Channel 2:

URL: https://www.confinn.eu/signals/

PASSWORD: signals2020

Should you have more questions, need additional information or want to be sure about the things important to you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

You may e-mail us at info@confinn.eu

or call us at +370 615 18388

Thanks and enjoy your conference!