Your virtual conference in few minutes.

Your virtual conference in few minutes.

Platform for virtual event

Impeccable virtual video streaming system for online events. Combining more than 15 years of our experience in the conference & event business with the technological intelligence of NFQ Technologies, today we are proud to present you virtual event platform

Create unique virtual event

Create event programme

We want our participants to easily navigate the online event programme, to simply choose between different rooms, create their own individual programme with just a few clicks and, of course, everything has to be simple and intuitive for the participant, right?

How long will it take you to prepare it? A few minutes…

Choose your design

Of course, you want the participant to come to our virtual event. No, no… to your virtual event! Not just to any, faceless webcast channel, but to your branded event. The event featuring its own style and symbols, visuals and colours, bringing the best possible virtual event expoerience to its participants and radiating the welcoming warmth of you as the organiser.

Invite your participants

Meeting other participants and speakers is perhaps one of the most important things at any conference, be it virtual or live: getting to know them, understanding what they bring to the conference, and what could I share with them.

Invite each participant to tell their story.

Create space for sharing

You work hard to get the best speakers on yourstage to share their best ideas. However, many more ideas are brought by participants in the room. Thoughts, insights, unexpected perspectives and new discoveries are all the reasons we go to conferences. And, yes, most of them are born by interacting with others!

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